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Tamas Toth - Drums

I was born in Berettyóújfalu, Hungary. I started to learn music in the City Music School, and after that I went to Zoltán Kodály Secondary School of Music in Debrecen. After I finished, I went to the University of Miskolc Béla Bartók Music Institute and got my BA diploma. Then I applied to The Collective School of Music and I started to study in New York in 2013. After my American studies I came back to Hungary and did my MA diploma.

Endorsements: Natal Drums since 2014, Audio Technica since 2014 Csibi Sticks since 2014 Zildjian since 2016

Currently I’m playing in Mytra, Miskolc Big Band, Niburta, Dreamgrave, Candlelight and K3. I played with János Nagy, Kornél Mogyoró, In Line Group, Kerozin, Bíborszél and mamy more.

K3 Path of a Storm 25/08/2017

K3 rehealsal video 2017 more

K3 Fear of Death 07/08/2017

A song from K3 - Under a Spell album ('07) more

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K3 koncert (2011. május 19., Diesel Klub, Budapest) K3 rajongók, 2008-2009 koncert képek, 2010. november 6. stúdió, 2007