Janos Kallai, guitars

I’m so lucky because I can do that what I love!


He was born in Budapest (1976). Janos has been playing on guitar since1986.

He has been a professonal musician since 2000.


some memorable moments in János life:

With his instrumental trio band, called K3 (Kallai Trio) they released their Under a Spell album (2007) with the very special guest Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater.

Marty Friedman (ex Megadeth, Cacophony) interview by Janos Kallai (2010).

Playing with the rock legends on Drum Wars (2012):

Carmine Appice - drums (Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Jeff Beck, Ozzy Osbourne...)

Vinnie Appice - drums (Black Sabbath, Dio, Kill Devil Hill...)

The legendary drummer Atma Anur joins K3 (2013).

Stuart Hamm (Joe Satriani) crushing the Janos Kallai K3 tracks (2013).

playing and influences

„The music is a mystical thing, what we try to learn and understand, but the whole life is not enough to got answer what is this exactly. Many times I’m working under the influences of pictures of painters, writers’s books, and of course I have a lot of favourite band and guitar hero (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, Jeff Beck, Mike Stern, Greg Howe…) So it would be a so long list if I had to write about these.

But the most important for me the feeling of the music, the band, and not always the guitar, and the soloist.”

(Janos Kallai)

I played with lots of bands, but the trio is what I really love. This is a challenge. This challenge brings significant progress to the development of the professionalism and harmony. On live gigs we play with the tempos, the structures of the songs, we create intros, outros on stage, we love to improvisation, and play simple metal riffs, and difficult unisonos too, besides the written parts. Sometimes we think, we are working as a jazz band, but we play metal.”

(Interview with Janos Kallai in the he Polish Hard Rock Service)

I cannot find the words to praise enough what Jancsi is doing on that guitar. Down with the hat to him!

(Heavy Metal Magazine Sz.G.)


some important events

  • 2012: Janos playing with Carmine Appice, and Vinnie Appice
  • 2010: Marty Friedman & K3
  • 2010: Quo Vadis & K3
  • 2009: Living Colour & K3
  • 2008: Paul Gilbert & K3
  • 2008: Richie Kotzen & K3
  • 2007: Devil's Slingshot & K3
  • 2007: Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep) & Cry Free (guitar: Janos Kallai)
  • 2006: U.D.O. & Cry Free (guitar: Janos Kallai)
  • 2003: Nazareth & Cry Free (guitar: Janos Kallai)



Jackson Headless Stealth EX Lefty (Red)



D'Addario strings


K3 Path of a Storm 25/08/2017

K3 rehealsal video 2017 more

K3 Fear of Death 07/08/2017

A song from K3 - Under a Spell album ('07) more

current album



random photos
K3 koncert (2011. november 2., Crazy Mama, Budapest) K3 & Marty Friedman koncert (2011. május 19., Diesel Klub, Budapest) stúdió, 2007 koncert képek, 2010. november 6.