Peter Szuna, bass

Good everywhere, but the best music on stage…


He was born 1977 in Budapest, Hungary, and lives in Dunaharaszti near to the capital. He started learning music from his brother who taught him playing the drum and later he began to play the trumpet in a musical elementary school. After that he got in touch with the electric bass and started learning it by himself.

His musical career began at the age of 15, with some amateur bands. He formed his own band named 'Voice' in '96, in jazz-rock, funky, soul style. He joined the trio called 'Honeyflak' formed by Janos Kallai in '97 playing Joe Satriani songs mainly at that time. This was the predecessor of today’s K3.

He left Kandó Kálmán University of Engineering after 3 years in '99,after which he started to learn music at Kőbánya Music Studio and Liszt Ferenc University of Music.

Meanwhile, he joined Péter Müller’s band called Sziámi for 3 years, with his collegue Dániel Jékey (former drummer of Honeyflak) and worked in Sziámi's album called 'Egyszerű teremtés' in 2000.

In 2001 he started to work with Gyula Papp in the band 'Motherfunker', then he became a member of Jazzterfield from Székesfehérvár, lead by Dávid Horváth. They played Miles Davis, John Scofield, Pat Metheny songs.

In 2002 he played the last gig with Sziámi in Sziget Festival.

In 2003, he took part in Dandó Péter jazz-bass competition, where he got serious appreciation from his competitors and friends as well because of his unhesitant and modest stand out.

After all of this, he worked with many bands, soloist and singers inland and foreigns countries (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Slovakia, Canada). An incomplete (off-the-back-of-the-head) list of these bands:

Keszthelyi Virág, Váczi Eszter, Behumi Dóri, Kozma Orsi (Szörp, Ex+Az), Hacki Tamás, Bori Viktor (Mojo), Fourtissimo, Varnus Xavér, UMZE, Farkas Zsófi, Voga Viki, Crystal, Fedor Kyra, Karen Carroll, Molnár Ferenc Caramel, Fiesta.


the bands in which he is playing at the moment are:

K3, Firkin, Karen Carroll and the Mississippi Grave Diggers, Malagasy Taxibrousse, String Theory, Fourtissimo, In Team, Jerusalem Express, Backspace, and the list changes continuously…



bass guitars:
Yamaha TRB6-II (blue), Blade 5 strings (advanced concepts by Gary Levinson, red)

Gallien-Krueger 800RB

Gallien-Krueger 410RBH, Gallien-Krueger 210RBH



  • born:
    04.10. 1977
  • instrument:
    bass guitar
  • teachers:
    Otto Ulmann,
    Bela Lattmann
  • ideal:
    Studniczky Zsatyi,
    Anthony Jackson,
    John Patitucci
  • K3 membership:
  • playing music since:
  • first concert:
    1988 Budapest, Kisstadion, Saxon
  • first rock album:
    Iron Maiden: The Number Of The Beast
  • favourite bands:
    Iron Maiden,
    Deep Purple,
    Dream Theater,
    Van Halen
  • top 3 album:
    1. Greg Howe 1
    2. Dream Theater: Images & Words
    3. Pantera: Cowboys from Hell
  • top 3 film:
    1. Shine
    2. Tortúra
    3. Omen
  • top 2 music DVD:
    1. Toto live in Paris 91
    2. Yngwie Malmsteen: Live at budokan
  • favourite book:
    Da Vinci kód
  • favourite K3 song:
  • favourite K3 concert:
  • earlier bands:
    Mother Funker,
  • actual bands:
    In Team,
    Malagasy Taxibrousse,
  • job:
    studio musician
  • hobby:
K3 Path of a Storm 25/08/2017

K3 rehealsal video 2017 more

K3 Fear of Death 07/08/2017

A song from K3 - Under a Spell album ('07) more

current album



random photos
K3 koncert (2011. május 19., Diesel Klub, Budapest) stúdió, 2007 K3 koncert (2011. november 2., Crazy Mama, Budapest) K3 & Marty Friedman koncert (2011. május 19., Diesel Klub, Budapest)