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Key to Paradise


K3 Key to Paradise EP (Stuart Hamm Atma Anur Janos Kallai)

Key to Paradise, 2013



  1. I. Key to Paradise
  2. II. Snake Nest
  3. III. Lost Road
  4. IV. Judas

line up
Stuart Hamm, bass
Hartke Speakers Amps, Washburn Guitars,
EMG Pickups, GHS Strings

Atma Anur, drums
Pearl Drums, Sabian Cymbals

Janos Kallai, guitars
ENGL Amps Hungary, DR Strings

produced and all songs written by
Janos Kallai

mastered by
John Cuniberti

edited and mixed by
Atma Anur

recorded in
bass - Santa Monica, Ca (US)
drums - Kraków (PL)
guitars - Budapest (H)

graphic design by
Tamas Balogh-Walder
Creartive Design


Garden of Death


Garden of Death, 2009



  1. I. (6:31)
  2. II. (3:28)
  3. III. (6:50)
  4. IV. (5:59)
  5. V. (4:39)
  6. VI. (4:46)
  7. VII. (4:56)
  8. VIII. (7:54)

line up
Janos Kallai – guitar
Peter Szuna – bass guitar
Gabor Nagygyörgy – drums, percussion

art director: Gabor Nagygyörgy & Janos Kallai

additional design:Gabor Nagygyörgy

recording at: Bakery Studio

chief engineer: Zoltan Varga

engineer #2 Peter Bodnar

engineer #3 Attila Horváth

All song written by Janos Kallai

All song arranged by K3


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K3 koncert (2011. május 19., Diesel Klub, Budapest) koncert képek, 2010. november 6. (2011- 2012) Czébely Csaba, dob Atma Anur (K3)