Stuart Hamm (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson..)

Whew...finished the Kállai János project with my old pal Atma Anur on drums. What made this so challenging was that he tunes to drop-D...BUT down a whole step, so I am playing notes a whole step below what is written...AND he tunes to A 432. Never thought I would say "Thank God for TAB"...sounds killer though (Stuart Hamm)



Atma Anur (Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen, Guthrie Govan, Cacophony, K3)

Stuart Hamm... CRUSHING the Kállai János K3 tracks!! That is a cool trio I must say... Of course I'm playing drums... (hehe) ( Atma Anur)



Marty Friedman (ex Megadeth)

Janos, I like Your melodies, we have to jam together!




Marty Friedman (ex Megadeth)

Very good band! It will be a great night




Doug Wimbish (Living Colour)

I'm really glad 'cause I had the opportunity to watch Your great band!




Vernon Reid (Living Colour)

I always say to my students, don't play only the songs of guitar legends, just play Your stuff. You found Your own way.




Hard Rock Magazin

I would not wish to strain easily breakable strings, but – once this idea came to my mind, I will share it - a lot of Hungarian bands could learn from these three young guys. Endless modesty coupled with the incredible musical knowledge, skill and talent, there is no pompous "We are the gods!" They are musicians who immensely enjoy what they do, and they return with smile the audience’s love. This is exactly what a lot of rock groups are missing today! There are no overly eccentric habits (I believe they represent a much higher level of musicianship than they think or know), only the music is PRESENT consistently, and that is there primary focus.

(Tibor Szakats)



Shock Magazin

I enjoyed it very much when the end of the songs, regardless of the public’s degree of ecstasy Janos Kallai, quietly and modestly introduced the next title, as if he talking to a pal on the corner.

Congratulations to K3, and I urge everybody to adore them with immediate effect. Thank you.




Hard Rock Magazin

.Today K3 has grown into one of the most important band of the Hungarian rock music.

Janos greeted the fans and K3 started their next number which was just as rigorous as the first one. Bravo, guys! Bravo, because they play a style of music where excellent instrumental skills are required. A momentary “rush” would ruin the whole, but this definitely is not the case with them! Their music is an excellent blend of instrumental melodies, trash-hardness and unexpectedly changing rhythmic figures of progressive rock. The audience often cried out when hearing the lunatic closures of the songs: Janos’ tasty, and sometimes (never gratuitously) speedy guitar solos and snarly riffs which are so unique and individualistic: I dare to boldly declare I have never heard anything like this in our country.





When the concert started the audience was taken so much by surprise just as if one’s fork and knife just stopped half-way through between one’s dish and his mouth. From the third song on the attention they paid to was tense. All numbers were followed by rumbling applause.





While clearly the guitar plays the absolute prime role, the drums and the bass are definitely not just for background. They provide a colourful and yet a solid base, which allows one of Hungary's great young hopes to disentangle on the guitar.






Pont FM 88.1

Music experts in Hungary tend to say: K3 is something to be seen.





A friend of mine told me earlier that in one of their songs Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater, played the keyboard part. One could say: Jordan Rudess teamed up with a band, so what? True, but the K3 is a Hungarian band, for us that’s the what!




Heavy Metal Magazin

I cannot find the words to praise enough what Jancsi is doing on that guitar. "Down with the hat to him!



K3 Path of a Storm 25/08/2017

K3 rehealsal video 2017 more

K3 Fear of Death 07/08/2017

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stúdió, 2007 K3 koncert (2011. május 19., Diesel Klub, Budapest) Kállai János - archív képek K3 koncert (2011. május 19., Diesel Klub, Budapest)